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A simple meme made a difference in the way I consider workwear and corporate clothing. The meme had a window washer dressed as spider-man at the top floors of a skyscraper with the caption “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Dress your staff in attire that you want your clients, investors, and other stakeholders to remember you by.

Workwear and staff image plays a major role in how your company appears to your clients and investors. Small details like a simple logo printed on your sales team shirt can leave a lasting impression in your clients memory.

Depending on what impression is important to you will change your staff's outfit. If you have a casual fun company you can go for jeans, shorts and a golf shirt. More semi-casual will mean that your staff should wear a button shirt or semi-formal with black pants and a branded button shirt

Addon Supplies specializes in supplying and manufacturing corporate clothing and branding so that you can leave that lasting image. We pride ourselves on years' experience in image-making, branding, and textiles.

Safety wear and PPE

Safety wear and PPE is one of the most important parts of occupational health and safety for any industry. By following our friendly guides you will be well on your way to getting your companies health and safety wear right.

Hard Hat

Protects your head from sharp and heavy items falling from the sky. It also protects your head from bumping when moving around.

Safety shoes and boots

Safety footwear can serve various purposes from slipping, stepping on to sharp objects and heavy products falling on to your feet

Eye protection and safety glasses

Protects your eyes from sharp flying objects and also dust particles. Tinted eyewear helps protect your eyes when you work in bright areas and sunlight.

Ear protection and earplugs

Loud noises can be damaging to your ears and can cause severe headaches. By not supplying these to your staff you risk decreased productivity and a lot of time in the nurses' office.

The best work overalls

A work-wear overall’s main purpose is not only protecting your clothing but also to protect the person wearing it. By wearing the set of overalls whether it’s Conti-suits or bodysuits you can save your staff from severe injury.

Work overalls can also be very industry-specific. Fire-resistant overalls for the casting and foundry industry and acid-resistant overalls are available for chemical workers is freely available.

Factories also sort their workers by the color of their overalls. You can dress your storekeepers in orange, the floor laborers in royal blue or navy, and logistics in red. This way you will have more control over whether or not the right staff is at the right location.

The best safety shoes and safety boots.

Industry-specific safety shoes and boots are very common. The general safety shoe and boots come equipped with a steel-toe tip to protect from objects falling and also increases the general strength in the construction of your safety boot and shoe. Safety shoes also come with steel protection midsole to avoid sharp objects from penetrating the foot. Depending on your needs these can each provide a very specific purpose.

Non-slip safety shoes and boots will prevent fall injuries that could lead to severe factory damages.

Acid-resistant safety shoes and boots will protect your staff's feet from spills when working with dangerous chemicals.

Fire and heat protection Safety shoes and boots

Your factory security also requires a safety boot. While patrolling your factory area they have the risk of stepping on sharp objects and the risk of heavy falling items. The most popular of these in the industry is the canvas safety boot. The Canvas Safety Boot is equipped with a steel protection midsole and steel toe tips. The canvas safety boot is constructed from oxford mesh and leather. The leather construction benefit in winter by reducing cold feet.

High Visibility Clothing and Reflective Clothing

High Visibility Clothing equipped with reflective tape is to signal the presence of the person wearing it in places and situations which may cause potential threats to your staff’s health and safety.

Workwear manufacturers in South Africa.

With a depot in Cape Town and Pretoria, we distribute to various towns in South Africa NL. Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, and Kimberley. 

Our convenient online store makes Addon Supplies your best workwear supplier near me.

Brandable uniforms

Food and Hospitality Clothing

We stock various Chef Uniform options and are able to brand them according to your taste.

Waiters Uniform. Aprons, shirts, and pants suitable for the restaurant industry. Brand your website logo or even fo as far as printing your menu on the back of their shirts.

Reception Uniform. Reception is your client's first impression and the right uniform fitted to.

Uniforms in the hospitality industry are more than just a kind gesture. Your staff needs to fit your professional image.

Chef uniform

A bakery hat or a chef hat. Chef jacket and scrub pants with protective shoes. Choose between black and white standard options or make it up in your theme color.

Waiters uniform

With your waiters dressed in matching waiters' uniforms, your guests will be comfortable. Branded aprons, sleek branded shirts, and formal pants.

Barman uniform

A barman's uniform is similar to your waiter's uniform but some distinction can avoid confusion and embarrassment.

Cleaning uniform

Not only do your cleaners need to look official in their cleaning uniform but they also need their uniform as protective clothing.

Reception uniform

Your front-line of your hotel is your receptionist in their reception uniform. A formal branded jacket, branded shirt/blouse, formal pants, formal shoes and a winning personality is the key to start your guests of with the professional image you want.

Managers uniform

No matter how prepared you are and how well your staff is trained. You will always have that person who wants to see the manager in his well-dressed manager uniform.

Garden and landscaping uniform

Gardening and landscaping uniforms is very important as this uniform is protective clothing or ppe. The right attire can prevent injuries.

School uniform

Chef uniform

Security uniform

Health Care uniform

Cleaning Service uniform

Food Service / Hospitality Industry uniform

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