Hotel Supplies

So you decided to open a hotel, guest house, resort, spa, or venue. Now you have to deal with all the jargon. Don’t worry. Addon Supplies are here to help.

Hotel bedding supplies

Hotel bedding is more than a few sheets of textile. There are various factors to be considered before you buy. Like what material, color, stitching, and size. You get linen and cotton but these can get different variants, types, and thread counts. Here is a summary of what’s available. For example, sheets can be 100 percent Egyptian cotton percale, 100 percent Egyptian cotton sateen, blended cotton percale or sateen, or poly-cotton percale or sateen

Material options

100% cotton bedding

Fine yarns of long-staple cotton fibers Egyptian cotton - This is the term for where cotton is grown. Egypt's climate produces the right conditions to grow the ELS cotton used in luxury products around the world. True Egyptian cotton produces a long fiber that aids in the production of a soft thread, which is the building block of soft, fine, and durable bedding fabrics

Polycotton bedding

Mixed cotton with man-made fibers such as polyester and then weaved together.

Weave types

Percale weave

Percale represents the weave used to produce sheets, towels, and other bedding products. Each warp thread goes over one weft thread, then under the next warp thread, then over the next weft thread, continuing across the fabric. This one-over-one under weave produces a strong fabric. The threads that are woven to make the fabric determine the strength and thickness of the fabric. Thicker threads produce thicker fabric stronger than fabrics produced with thin threads. Very fine Egyptian cotton fibers can be woven in this weave, creating percale cotton bedsheets. The thread count represents the number of threads used per square inch in the chosen weave.

Sateen weave

Sateen sheets consist of a weave where several warp threads go over one weft thread at a time. In the next row, the four threads are offset by one weft thread, creating a weave with a soft finish. Loose threads lay across the surface and create a distinct diagonal pattern when viewed closely. Because several threads lie on the surface, the fabric appears shinier than fabrics with the threads woven in the typical one-over-one-under weave. But the sateen weave is not as strong as the one-over-one-under weave, making it more susceptible to snags and pulls. Cotton bedsheets are often produced in this weave. If the threads come from ELS Egyptian cotton, it results in shiny, satin-like fabric.

Thread count TC200, TC300, TC400

is the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both lengthwise and widthwise threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200. The Most popular in the bedding industry are 180tc, 200tc 300tc, and 400tc. Also available is the 500tc that will give you a much denser sheet but is unnecessary and unlikely.


Hotel Bathroom Supplies

A very important part of your hotel, guest house, lodge, or venue is your hotel bathrooms and options.

Some venues stick to a theme from their rooms to their bathrooms and are left with big decisions like using colors on their towels, gowns, and slippers. The difficult part comes in that majority of guests believe that white is clean and will clearly show if not. Your other advantage of using whites is that it is less prone to ruin when using strong bleach detergents.

Branded hotel bathroom supplies.

If the plain white is too plain you can add some flavor to your set by embroidering your hotel logo on your towels. Gowns and slippers can also be embroidered. Disposable slippers can be printed with designs of your venue themes.

Soap, shampoo, and body lotion.

The most popular is your standard range of soap, shampoo, and body lotion. Your options are so wide that it’s nearly endless. You can opt in for a squeegee tube or a solid plastic bottle. A big wall mount bottle or small single-use unit and a solid bar of soap or a shower gel.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

So your guests travel from far and wide. Spending hours sitting still in a plane, car, bus, or truck and when they finally reach your guest house ready to kick off their shoes, take a shower and relax with their ocean view. Suddenly they realize that the kids didn't bring mom's toothbrush. Luckily they picked the perfect spot to holiday as the host thought of everything. Small toothpaste and toothbrush branded with the hotel logo.

And.. the shower cap

Hotel Amenities

Whether you own a hotel, lodge, guest house, or venue. Your overnight guests will appreciate amenities. It will make them feel welcomed and appreciated.

You get all sorts of amenities in different shapes and sizes from shampoo to toothpaste.

Now if you really want to leave that lasting impression you can brand it with your hotel logo in a theme of your choice.