Guest House Amenities Pack - Tranquillity
  • Guest House Amenities Pack - Tranquillity

Tranquillity - Guest House Amenities Pack Option 2

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Guest House Amenities Pack

This Guest House Pack includes

30 x Tranquillity Conditioning Shampoo 32ml bottles

30 x Tranquillity Body Wash 32ml bottles

30 x Tranquillity Body Lotion 32ml bottles

30 x Tranquillity 25g Flow Wrapped Soaps

30 x Tranquillity Hand Sanitizer


Guest House Amenities Pack

It’s that feeling of well-being as your shoulders relax under the sun’s gentle warmth, while a sea breeze dances on your senses. It’s the way we feel at our very best when we’re not enclosed by walls, but immersed in nature’s bounty. Refreshed and redesigned with a fresh, herbal and marine fragrance the new Tranquillity is designed to bring pleasure to your guests. This popular fragrance will sooth and refresh even the weariest traveler. It suits any establishment wanting top-class, affordable amenities for their guests. 


All products are locally manufactured in South Africa

Products do not contain Mineral Oils, Parabens, SLEs or Silicones.

No animal testing

Manufacturer has 2 ISO standards.