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Everything You Need to Know About SABS Approved Hard Hats

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Everything You Need to Know About SABS Approved Hard Hats

When it comes to safety on the job, nothing is more important than wearing a SABS approved hard hat. Knowing what standards and regulations need to be followed in order to make your hard hat safe, secure, and compliant with current South African standards can help you make an informed decision when purchasing this type of headwear.

What is a SABS Approved Hard Hat? 

A SABS approved hard hat is a type of headgear designed with specified safety standards and regulations that must be met to ensure optimal protection in hazardous workplaces. These hard hats are tested to meet the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) safety standard requirements, making them essential pieces of PPE for any construction or industrial worker.

Identify the Markings of SABS Approved Hard Hats 

The SABS approved hard hat must have the appropriate markings which identify it as meeting the safety requirements necessary to be considered a SABS-approved model. This will usually be printed on the outside of the hard hat in bold and legible font, along with any additional information such as product details or size. Look for labels such as “SABS Approved” or “Meets SABS Standards” to verify its legitimacy.

Setup for Proper Use and Fit of Your Hard Hat

In addition to meeting SABS safety standards, your hard hat must be set up for optimal use and fit. The suspension system should be able to accommodate size adjustment and security of the chin strap. Adjust it so that it fits snugly on your head, while still allowing ease of movement in case an accident occurs. Fasten both the ratchet wheel in the back as well as the chin straps, which keep the hard hat securely in place no matter what direction or angle it is facing.

Common Materials Used For Hard Hats 

Hard hats are typically made in one of three materials - polyethylene (thermoplastic), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic or fibreglass. Polyethylene hard hats are lightweight, yet highly durable and resistant to impact and penetration. ABS hard hats may be a bit heavier and slightly less flexible than polyethylene models, however they tend to provide more protection against high temperature exposure. Fibreglass hard hats are the strongest option and offer the most resistance to fire and electricity.

Ensuring Quality and Maintenance

When purchasing a hard hat, it is important to make sure that you are buying an SABS approved product. Only SABS approved hard hats have met the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) requirements for quality and safety. It is also highly recommended to inspect each hard hat before use and replace any helmet that shows signs of wear and tear or damage as this can compromise its effectiveness in protecting against impact or other workplace hazards.