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  • Bova


    Whether you are working in a factory or outdoor environment, Bova Safety Boots are designed to provide optimal safety and comfort. Featuring advanced materials and construction, these boots will keep your feet protected from the elements while providing lasting comfort all day long.

    Durable and Lightweight Construction.

    Bova Safety Boots are built to last - constructed with durable leather and rubber materials, these boots are ready for any work environment. With a lightweight design, you can be sure to stay comfortable all day long. An ergonomically designed footbed conforms to your foot for added comfort and cushioning, providing maximum support for lasting protection.

    Slip Resistant Outsole for Max Grip.

    Bova Safety Shoes and Boots are designed to provide you with the most optimal grip in any situation. The slip-resistant outsole features a diamond pattern that expels liquid and oil for maximum stability. This eliminates slippage and decreases the possibility of slipping when walking on wet surfaces, greatly reducing potential injury or accidents. With these slip-resistant outsoles, you can stay surefooted whatever comes your way.

    Shock Absorption Technology for Comfort and Cushioning.

    Bova Safety Boots and Shoes feature superior shock absorption with our advanced cushioning technology. Our design ensures maximum cushioning with each step, providing protection against external elements while keeping your feet comfortable on any terrain. With our unique design, you can enjoy the utmost comfort during long days spent at work and keep your body safe from potential hazards.

    Breathable Linings for Breathability and Temperature Control.

    Step into the comfort and safety of our Bova boots. We provide breathable mesh linings, allowing you to transition between external temperatures without sacrificing personal safety or comfort. Our breathable liners wick away moisture, allowing you to experience the utmost airflow without fear of your feet becoming sweaty or uncomfortable after long hours of work in any condition.

    Professional Safety Toe Protection for Maximum Protection against Impact, Compression, and Heat Hazards.

    Bova boots provide you with the ultimate level of protection in hazardous working environments. Our advanced safety toe design provides maximum impact and compression resistance, so you can face the toughest and most dangerous professional challenges without the fear for your feet and ankles. Additionally, our heat-resistant technology keeps your feet cool on those sweltering hot days on the job.

  • DOT

    The Benefits of DOT Safety Footwear

    Investing in DOT Safety Footwear is an important step to taking precautionary measures against workplace hazards. Find out more about the benefits of its durable construction, comfortable fit, and flexibilty—all while staying safe on the job.

    What are the Benefits of DOT Safety Footwear?

    DOT Safety Footwear is built to provide optimal protection against workplace hazards. Its durable construction and flexible sole will guard you against slips and falls, while its comfortable fit provides excellent stability and comfort. Moreover, the safety features of these shoes can help protect you from potential electrical hazards experience in hazardous work environments. Investing in DOT Safety Footwear can ensure that you stay safe on the job.

    How Can DOT Safety Footwear Help Your Business?

    DOT Safety Footwear can be a great asset to your business, helping keep your employees safe from workplace hazards. Its features can help protect against slips and falls while also providing protection from exposure to electrical hazards. Additionally, by making sure employees are wearing adequate safety footwear, it can benefit employers by reducing or preventing workplace injuries or claims of injury-related compensation. DOT Safety Footwear is an essential part of protecting the safety of your workplace.

    What Makes Good Quality DOT Safety Footwear? 

    When looking for quality DOT Safety Footwear, make sure it complies with ASTM and/or CAN/CSA standards. Quality DOT Safety Footwear should also have slip-resistant outsoles and electrical hazard resistance. It is also important to make sure the footwear fits correctly, as ill-fitting safety shoes can cause discomfort leading to fatigue and reduced productivity. Finally, when selecting DOT Safety Footwear, look for features that offer additional protection like puncture resistance, metal-free toe caps, waterproof materials or insulation against cold weathers - all of which help reduce or eliminate any risks of injury in the workplace.

    Are There Different Types of DOT Safety Footwear Available?

    Yes, there are a variety of types of DOT Safety Footwear available on the market. The most common include boots, shoes, and sandals that are specifically designed for safety regulations. The type of footwear you choose will depend on the environment you’ll be working in and what kind of hazards you will encounter. Make sure to select a pair of safety shoes that best fits your needs!

    Where can You Purchase Dot Safety Footwear?

    DOT Safety Footwear can be found in a variety of places, ranging from stores to online shops. Many retailers have a wide selection that make it easy to choose the right type of safety footwear for your individual needs. When purchasing them, make sure you look for the certification marking “DOT” on the product, which indicates its compliance with safety regulations.

  • SiSi



    Through extensive research and consultation with women in the industry, Sisi offers a range of women’s safety wear that challenges the status quo that one size fits all. With an understanding that not all women are the same, we have a range of footwear extending across 2 sole shapes, tailored for women with narrow, and standard-shaped feet and a range of safety wear with 3 unique cuts: standard, extended, and maternity.

  • EURO


    The EURO SECURITY product range of safety boots and safety shoes offers customers the latest features in high spec safety, comfort, and styling.

    The steel toe caps are manufactured from heat-treated high carbon steel and incorporate a latex toe cap liner to eliminate toe cap pressure. This, together with advanced sole technology, excellent padding and modern styling makes EURO SECURITY one of the leading safety footwear brands in South Africa.

  • Frams


    We are Frams - one of South Africa’s original safety footwear brands. We manufacture consistent, economical and reliable safety footwear.

    Forming part of BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd. and based in Johannesburg, South Africa - everything we do at Frams is centered around our customers. We are mindful of the needs and challenges faced by our customers in Africa and to us, value extends beyond price alone.

    By adopting a flexible approach and building strong relationships we strive to always provide the value required by our customers. Our range of safety footwear is designed for local and international use. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified and all our products are either SANS/ISO 20345 or EN 20345 compliant.

  • Lemaitre

    Lemaitre - Quality Safety Footwear

    Work, is not just work.
    Work, is a reflection of who we are.
    It’s how we are seen and what we want to be known for.
    It’s our expression.
    An honest day’s work is one that we can say with pride,
    one that is dependable.
    It’s appreciation for a job well done.
    It’s our bread and butter.
    It’s what our family champions us for.
    We are relied on for our expert skills.
    We pride ourselves on our workmanship.
    From stitch to step, we acknowledge those who work just as hard.
    From one worker, to another.
    Lemaitre safety footwear.

  • CAT

    Embark on a journey of durability and rugged performance with CAT Safety Footwear. Our CAT work boots and safety shoes are meticulously crafted to endure the harshest conditions, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your feet. Whether you're navigating construction sites, industrial zones, or challenging terrains, trust CAT to provide footwear that meets the demands of your rugged lifestyle.

  • Rebel

    Safety Boot Rebel

    Founded in 2004, REBEL revolutionized the safety footwear industry in South Africa with the introduction of the CHUKKA – A competitively priced traditional safety boot with quality, comfort, and style to compliment an extensive range of built-in safety features. Today the trusted REBEL range still features the iconic CHUKKA and more than forty traditional, premium, specialized, and ladies-specific boots and shoes designed for maximum protection in the most extreme environments. REBEL boots and shoes incorporate the most innovative international safety features and technology that comply with local and international quality standards, whilst offering unrivaled quality, comfort, and durability.

    Get Quality Safety Boots - From Low to High Price Ranges

    Whether you're looking for comfortable, lightweight steel-toe boots, or heavy-duty work boots designed to protect you from water, chemical spills and other hazardous materials, there are a variety of safety boots available for sale. Explore the different styles and price ranges available to find the perfect pair that meets your needs, at a price that won't break the bank.

    Compare Various Products.

    It's important to shop around and compare different products when searching for the right safety boots. When looking at various products, consider factors such as materials used, protection level, comfort level, water resistance and price point. Consider looking for boots made with a mix of leather and synthetic materials, as well as those featuring moisture-resistant insoles that won't easily shrink or crack. Also look for features like shock-absorption technology to protect your feet from the impact of hard surfaces.

    Check Out Bundle Deals and Specials.

    Many companies offer special deals and bundles when purchasing safety boots. Check out these promotions to get quality items at lower prices. For example, some companies offer seasonal promotions which can include discounts on the total purchase price of certain boots, as well as bulk discounts when buying more than one pair at once. Additionally, many online retailers also offer free shipping with purchases over a certain amount.

    Read Reviews and Testimonials.

    Before investing any money into safety boots, take some time to read customer reviews and testimonials. It's important to get an insight into how other customers have rated the product, which can help you decide which option is best suited for your needs. Additionally, look out for extra features or accessories such as water-resistance and steel protective toe caps as these may also add value to the item.

    Select the Material That’s Right for You.

    When choosing a pair of safety boots, it's important to select a material that best meets your requirements. Popular materials for safety boots include leather, rubber and composite. Leather is typically a strong and durable material that offers protection from both heat, cold and water as well as offering good ventilation. Rubber and composite materials offer lightweight features with more flexibility than leather. Also look out for breathable materials like polyester and nylon which provide comfort during extended use.

    Ensure Your Boots Meet OSHA Standards.

    When shopping for quality safety boots, be sure to look for ones that meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. These standards specify the minimum amount of protection a boot must have in order to provide those wearing them with adequate protection. Look out for logos or labels indicating they meet these requirements before buying your boots to ensure you get the highest level of safety protection available.

  • Cable


  • Bronx


    Bronx Safety Shoes are designed for fashion-conscious individuals who also want

    quality and comfort. While our safety footwear may be fashion-forward, it retains

    every aspect of functionality that our customers have come to expect from the Bronx.

  • Profit Safety Footwear

    Discover the exceptional durability and rugged performance of Profit Safety Footwear. Our work boots and safety shoes are designed to excel in demanding conditions, providing unparalleled protection and comfort for your feet. Whether you're navigating industrial settings, construction sites, or challenging terrains, Profit Safety Footwear ensures reliability in every step.

  • Gumboots

    Experience the ultimate in wet weather and hazardous condition protection with our range of durable gumboots. Crafted for resilience, these boots ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable, providing reliable defense against water, mud, and workplace hazards. Step confidently through challenging environments with the unbeatable performance of our gumboots.

    The Complete Guide to Quality Gumboots

    Gumboots are a versatile and sturdy footwear choice for outdoor activities such as gardening, camping, hunting, and fishing. With so many styles and brands on the market, it's important to know what fits your style and needs. Our ultimate guide will help you find the perfect pair of gumboots that provide comfort, weather protection, good traction, and more.

    Pick a Purpose: Know Your Needs.

    Before you start browsing for gumboots, it’s important to identify why you need a pair and how you plan on using them. Will you be using them for gardening or fishing? For everyday activities like taking the dog for a walk? Or for long-term outdoor use such as hunting or camping trips? Knowing your needs will help narrow down your options and make finding the perfect fit much easier.

    Measure Up: Get the Right Fit.

    Make sure to take the time to measure your feet and ankles so you get the right fit. The last thing you want is to have them slip off or be too tight at the constriction points. If your gumboots feel too snug, they don’t always stretch out over time, so it’s essential to get the size right in the first place.  Don’t forget that sizing varies depending on brand, so use a tape measure or ruler and measure around your foot and instep if buying online.

    Look for Quality Construction and Materials.

    When looking for quality gumboots, make sure to look for signs of sturdy construction. Look for boots with double or triple seams and extra layers of rubber or neoprene reinforced at the heel and insole. The strength of a gumboot largely comes down to the material used by the bootmaker so opt for natural rubber, which holds up better than synthetic materials. Be careful not to skimp on price too much - whilst you don’t need to buy designer brands all the time, more expensive boots tend to be made from higher quality materials that will last longer and protect your feet more effectively.

    Find the Best Style for You.

    It’s important to identify a style of gumboot that works for your needs and activities. If you’re planning water-based activities, look for boots with multi-level grips and reinforced construction; for work or farming, choose a lace-up style for additional ankle support; hunting and hiking may require cold weather insulation so select boots with an insulated lining. Finally, it’s all about finding the right size - measure your foot to ensure you have a good fit.

    Consider Waterproofing Technologies and Traction Tread Patterns.

    Gumboots also come with a range of waterproofing technologies and traction tread patterns. Waterproof versions are made from impermeable rubber, foam neoprene or PVC and offer ultimate protection against water seepage. Many gumboot styles are lined with breathable fabrics allowing moisture to escape, while some have padded tongues and cushioned inner soles for added comfort. Furthermore, the tread pattern of the gumboot’s sole can provide powerful gripping capabilities over difficult terrain - look for network of small dimples in the shape of stars, chevrons or hexagons.

  • Other

    Other safety footwear

  • Ladies Safety Shoes

    Comfortable and Durable Safety Shoes for Women 

    Working in hazardous conditions day after day can take a toll on your body, but finding the right safety shoes for women doesn't have to be an added hassle. With our collection of comfortable and durable safety shoes, you'll find shoes that provide the protection you need while keeping your feet comfortable.

    Understand the features of safety shoes. 

    Knowing the features of safety shoes is key to making the right purchase decision for your work needs. Look for steel toe protection, slip-resistant soles, nontoxic materials, breathable fabrics, and shock absorbing insoles. It’s also important to take into account your working environment and pick a shoe that is suited to your needs, whether it’s a waterproof shoe for wet climates or an insulated boot for cold temperatures.

    Choose the right size and fit. 

    The fit and size of your safety shoes are extremely important because if the shoe doesn't fit correctly, it can cause stress, fatigue, and even injury. To ensure a perfect fit, try on the shoes in person whenever possible or use a sizing chart when ordering online. Make sure you have sufficient room to wiggle your toes and don't forget to consider accessories like insoles that may increase the size of the shoes slightly.

    Look for a quality construction and durable materials. 

    When looking for safety shoes it’s important to examine the construction and materials. Look for reinforced toes and resistant, non-marking outsoles that won’t leave scuffs on surfaces. High quality materials such as leather or synthetic leather offer long-lasting use and should be water-resistant with an oil-resistant outsole. Quality mesh or breathable panels are great for hot or humid work conditions but remember that these panels may not provide enough protection against extreme cold.

    Check for ergonomic cushioning and support features. 

    Look for ergonomic cushioning and arch support features. A footbed with memory foam promotes good posture, and molded insoles offer premium comfort and support for long shifts. Safety shoes should give your feet enough room to move comfortably and have an adjustable fit with laces, hooks, fasteners or a combination of these. Heel and ankle padding helps protect you from blisters while supporting the parts of your foot during movement.

    Choose styles with traction to protect against slips and falls

    Look for a tread pattern on the rubber outsole that provides traction. Steel or composite toe caps should also be lightweight and flexible to allow for comfortable movement. Your safety shoes should have slip-resistant outsoles made of rubber, polyurethane (PU) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which helps provide better grip in wet, oily and greasy environments reducing the risk of slips and falls.

  • JCB Footwear

    JCB Footwear

    JCB Safety Footwear offers a premium range of safety footwear, engineered from the finest quality materials just like our machinery.

    JCB Safety Footwear utilizes the finest quality components to engineer each pair of safety boots and safety shoes.

    Internationally recognized laboratories test all the leather selected to manufacture JCB Safety Footwear. 

    The JCB Safety Footwear range comprises of Lace-up Safety Boots, Slip-on Safety Boots, Heat Resistant Safety Boots, Slip Resistant Safety Boots, Safety Shoes, Slip Resistant Safety Shoes and Safety Sneakers. 

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Addon Supplies distributes a wide selection of high-quality safety boots from a number of top-name brands. We offer a large selection of safety brands, including JCB, Rebel, Bronx, and Frams. In addition to providing unbeatable customer service, Addon Supplies is committed to providing the best products. Your dedicated customer care team will help you find the perfect safety boot suited to the demands of your job, ensuring a perfect fit. 

Safety Shoes

Safety shoes have become a popular item in PPE, offering protection for your feet regardless of what you do. Shoes designed for safety not only protect your toes from impact but also provide a range of other protective features to keep your feet safe on the job site. Those features include waterproof and anti-slip properties. There are a variety of features built into safety shoes to keep you safe. Experience unparalleled style and protection when you buy safety shoes from Addon Supplies.

Safety Boots

You can choose from a wide range of safety boots for sale at Addon Supplies. A huge range of styles are available for different industries and work environments, including rigger boots, dealer boots, and metatarsal boots. With safety boots, your feet are kept safe and comfortable throughout the day with anti-slip soles, waterproof outer layers, energy absorbing heels, and many other features.

Safety Trainers

There are a variety of safety trainers available for loads of jobs and industries, offering a sporty alternative to the traditional work boot. We offer a huge selection of safety trainers at Addon Supplies, including styles from Rebel, Bronx, Johnson Workwear, and more.

Whether in bulk or individually, we can ship safety footwear across the country. Adding to our range of safety footwear is our commitment to delivering only the best to every possible application. Whether it is casual footwear or high-intensity specialist footwear, we have work boots to suit every application.

A steel-toe boot is a durable boot or shoe with a protective reinforcement in the toe that protects the foot from falling objects or compression. Although traditionally made of steel, the reinforcement can also be made of a composite material, a plastic such as thermoplastic polyurethane or even aluminum.

Style and Protection – Inside Look at Chelsea Safety Boots

Looking for tough, stylish work boots? Check out our inside look at Chelsea Safety Boots! Learn about their design, protection, and ease of cleaning.

Chelsea Safety Boots are the perfect combination of style and safety. With their sleek design, durable construction, and protective features, you can stay safe on the job while looking your best. Find out more about this popular boot and all it has to offer.

Overview of Chelsea Safety Boots Style and Durability

Chelsea Safety Boots offer a unique combination of sleek style and protection. These boots feature an upper made from durable leather, providing plenty of breathability and flexibility. The soft, cushioned footbed provides comfort throughout the day while their slip-resistant outsole provides traction on any surface. The reinforced toe box offers maximum protection against on-the-job impacts. It's no wonder that these safety boots are a favorite among construction workers and other laborers!

Definition: What Is a Chelsea Boot?

A Chelsea boot is a style of ankle-high boot traditionally made of leather with an elastic side gusset. The boots are characterized by their low heel and rounded toe, therefore providing extra support and comfort for those who wear them. Chelsea boots have been a popular choice for formalwear since the mid-1800s, but they have found their way onto the job sites in recent years due to their rugged design and quality construction.

Protecting You While Comfortably Fitting Your Foot 

Chelsea Safety Boots provide both comfort and protection, thanks to their robust construction materials. This includes oil-tanned leather uppers that are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, as well as impact-resistant toe caps and slip-resistant soles for added safety on the job site. The unique integrated cushioning system also adds extra cushioning around the ankle area while the shock absorption midsole ensures that every step is taken in complete comfort.

Variety in Style and Materials to Last for Years 

Chelsea Safety Boots offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to style and materials. From classic lace-up designs to pull-on styles, you’ll be able to find something that fits your work wardrobe needs. These boots are made from high quality full grain leather and feature a steel toe for more durable protection. The dual density sole also provides extra traction on slick surfaces, so you can stay safe on the job.

Cleaning Tips for Easy Maintenance of Your Chelsea Boots

Cleaning and maintaining your Chelsea Safety Boots is easy and will extend the life of your footwear. To clean, simply wipe down the boots with a damp cloth or shoe brush. For tougher stains, try removing them with a damp cloth and soap. Avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach or rubbing alcohol since this could strip the leather of its natural oils and cause discoloration. Additionally, make sure to let your boots dry fully before wearing again so they come out looking like new each time.

Protecting your feet from the hazards of your work environment is essential in ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the day. From steel toe boots to lightweight slip-ons, this guide provides an overview of how to choose the right fit of safety footwear for any job.